Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is it May yet?

I am not a happy camper.
I am more like a really sad camper right now.
Looking for the right place is freakin hard. And stressful.
Today I found THEE perfect townhouse... 3 bd/2.5 bath. amazing floor plan. Huge master. 1500 sqft people! 2 car garage! A perfect lil house! oh my. The catch?? its in Nampa. not too far off Garity.. by the park.
After much stressing and pro and con'ing the crap out of it... we decided we would not try and get it.
I mean... it would be pretty silly to live all the way heck out in nampa... while Tuck would be going to BSU, probably be working in Boise area, and the YMCA is in Boise where we have passes to and Tuck trains.
Well boo! I think I knew it all along.. but the place was so perfect... SO perfect. I cried when Tuck said what I was already thinking outloud. It's just not the right location.

I have been on Craigslist every dang day... and almost half of every day.
Sure there are some options out there that are available. But I'm all about finding the perfect place.. It's hard to settle on an upstairs apartment ... with no grass for my kids to play. Or ridiculously small rooms. Or.. yes I'm sayin it... No dishwasher. Holy no dishwasher- been there done that.. I suck at it.
And then when I do find a place, we are still waiting on Tuck hear back from a CNA job.. which needs to happen stat.

Oh life... why are you so hectic right now? Can we just fast forward to the middle of May when I know we will be in a new place all moved and settling into our new routine.

No? Crap.


Erin Dougal said...

Oh man! I soooo know how you feel. Harrison still doesn't have an internship, finals are in 6 weeks and I have no idea where we will be living then- not even what city we will be in! I've been on craigslist as much as I can looking for houses/apts (I'm not willing to do another basement apartment!) I keep on finding apartments, but they are all far away AND 200-500 dollars out of our price range. I really really know you are feeling! As for small bedrooms, and no yard, I don't think I have the luxury to be that choosy. I hope you find something absolutely wonderful!

MOLLY said...

if you end up without a dishwasher. know that you are not alone. And you are not alone in sucking at it!!!