Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Belly rockin everywhere

22 Weeks 

24 Weeks

24 weeks now and bebe is doing great. 
Really great apparently because he is kickin me all the time. 
And his kicks are already hurting me... 
-Time out.. I thought it was too early for that. 
I am starting to get the dreaded heartburn. 
I'm gettin too big for 95% of my shirts. 
Oh and can't forget the easily winded and out of breath.
I fainted in the shower about a month ago..
So I am def. listening to my body when I need to sit down now. 
I'm a hungry hungry hippo and I don't even mind. 
Time seems to be going slow, But what can ya do?!

Oh and duh. Here's my cute lil family on Easter Sunday :) 
just ignore my kids rebellion when the camera comes out. 
Love that guy and those lil peeps I get to spend my life with!


Paige said...

You look so cute! And your family is adorable :)

Andrea said...

You look awesome Michelle! Like always, why would being pregnant be any different! Congrats on the boy! So exciting! I am sad you moved but will just have to keep updated from you blog!

Ashley said...

You look amazing! Those dresses look great on you! You're family is too cute!

brightbit said...

Wow!! Cute dresses!! Cute momma.

Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

SOOO cute Michell! I am so glad I am not pregnant at the same time as you because all I can do is sit here and think "OMG, I never looked that good when I was pregnant!!!!" :)

Carrie said...

Michelle you are ADORABLE!! I love the pictures!! DOn't mind the rebellion...Kiana has pictures of closed eye, nose upturned and distaste written all over her in some of her earliest pictures. Now she takes pictures of herself all the time and loves it!! Just keep lovin that head strong girl- you wouldn't want it any other way. Love ya!!

k&kbeebe said...

This is amazing! You look so great! We must get together soon with Kim!!

Silvia Hope said...

I love you it's always fun taking pictures of you guys.. I could clicking forever....fun fun

Silvia Hope said...

it's always a lot of fun taking your family pictures...I could click for you guys forever!