Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Normal

After many long weeks of stress about finding a place to move in. 
Then finding it and moving 5 days later..
I'm finally relaxed enough again to update about it. Whew
Things really worked out so well.. and everything definitely happened for a reason.
We are lovin our new lil place! 
And when I say little.. it's pretty little! 
We settled for a 2 bd 2 ba over a 3bd 2ba for the open layout, location, and... wait for it.. little fenced yard!! 
So in the end I think we really win. I mean I cannot begin to express how much I love being able to let the kids play outside in their own little backyard. No creepy apartment complex neighbors creepin on them or us. 
The rooms aren't big. But heck. I am the queen of making due. haha. 
The family room is big enough for a little office space AND a spot for my craft table.. seriously? I'll take small rooms for that :)
After some settling in and getting used to it.. I am loving living in the heart of Boise. 
There are so many fun things to do.. and so close. 

The kids adjusted so easily! I was kinda surprised actually. 
The only thing was Arli and bedtime.. But tonight has been the first successful night of her staying in bed. 
I think it was a bit harder for me. 
But it makes me smile knowing that they have their own lil space to grow up in now. 
They have "broken in" the place by:


 taking apart couch cushions.. many times a day.

Finding perfect resting spots for cars.

It's so weird... this new phase of our life. 
And i know it may seem really silly that we are FINALLY in this phase. (not counting a brief cursed apartment in 2008 and living in California in 2009)
But we are here. finally. 
And it was so weird for me to be in my place ... 
without my mom across the house to go ask her a question.. or kill a spider for me.
I mean really, say what you will.. call me pathetic. But when it came down to it.. 
I might have had a little panic attack the first night realizing all this. 
Tucker working almost every night didn't help make the place feel like home. 
But it's beginning to happen now. :) 


kim said...

so glad you are feeling "at home"

Sidnee & Stephen said...

That is amazing Michelle! You deserve this!