Tuesday, April 24, 2012


              We are super lucky to live in the same area as all of our family. Every single one of them. 
Yesterday, Tuck's sister Kendra invited us over for dinner and FHE. And perfect timing for Tuck's night off. I love watching all the cousins together. Those boys were wrestling and boxing for probably an hour straight. Seriously. The kids had a lot of fun. Food was delish, FHE lesson was awesome.. and hilarious. And the company is irreplacable. We love family. The end. 

Arli givin daddy a kiss.. on the head. 

 Bo swinging Beck on the tire swing. I adore this. 
Beck's face in every single picture is just Great!!! Best buds.

 Arli being a stinkpot. :) But doesn't she look pretty while she does it... at least while her back is turned.

The girls stickin together eatin ice cream cones.

Beck and Bo candid moment. 
Because Beck never smiles when I tell him to.

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kim said...

I LOVE this post! So glad you could spend time together! Love you all!!