Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ella, Arli, and Beck
We have been lovin having our friends and family over in our lil humble abode. And apparently we are BBQ kinda hostess people. So easy, yummy, and... easy! We just need a fire pit for smores and we are set.
With every get together we host.. the more "homey" this place feels. So thanks peeps for comin over.. and bearing with our limited seating, loud AC, ... and limited seating. But at least it's delicious food! Am I right or am I right?

Beck said yesterday (before we were hostin another bbq) "Why do we have so many BBQ's with your friends".... uhh Beck obviously didn't get the "yummy, easy, we love our friends and family" memo.

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MOLLY said...

cute kiddos! loved the gratitude post. i think fb, blogs etc make it hard for everyone, cuz no matter what on any given day, someone is having more fun than me !!! and then there's real life and it's just hard anyway. gratitude to our Heavenly Father is our only defense