Saturday, May 26, 2012

Preschool Grad

I have a little Preschool Grad living with me now. That's like real big boy stuff.  And yes. he is pointing ahead like a real winner.

Can you say stinkin stud muffin!? It was pretty exciting to experience this next phase of mom-hood. I was so filled with pride! That lil boy! He did great in pre-school.. thanks to a great teacher! And I only heard good things about him. Apparently he is a really well-behaved child. (which we hear from his church leaders too) We can thank his extreme shyness/socially awkwardness/ reserved personality in front of other people for that grand behavior.
He is a keeper that kid! We are so proud of the little boy we are so so lucky to raise. He is such a GOOD kid.
And he is super smart. I know i know, every parent says that about their kid. I guess I'm just another parent now ;). But he really is. And he is on the verge of reading. I always find him spelling things out and saying words over and over figuring out what letters are in the word. We may have a smarty pants on our hand if he's anything like Tuck.

His awesome teacher :) He loved her. And We owe it all to her that Beck was even able to go to preschool this last school year ! 

 Beck will have another year of preschool before we put him in kindergarten. He is a July birthday. And after lots of cluelessness, researching, reading, pondering.. We decided to hold him back so he will be the oldest in his class rather than the youngest. We know he is totally ready right now to enter kindergarten, but he really will have so much more of an advantage this way, in a lot of ways.
A bonus is Arli will enter kindergarten after him the following year. So they will be a lil closer in school. Which I like.

So proud of you Beck-son!!

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Ashley said...

That just seems so crazy that your kids are getting so old! Hope the pregnancy is going well!