Monday, May 7, 2012

An Ewok for a birthday

I've slowly but surely gotten back into my creating... or crafting, if you will.
Started out with bebe's blanket getting started.
Then started cutting our some vintage sheets that me and my sis in law are going to make quilts out of.
And then I made my brother a shirt for his birthday.
Whew. It's been great fun.

Here is my brothers shirt I did.
Freezer paper stenciling people. It's the way to go.
My brother Ryan always requests a custom shirt for his birthday or christmas.. or anything!
I love it.
This time he wanted an Ewok. His birthday is May 4. Which also happens to be Star Wars day if you didn't know. So this was great.
Started out tracing my image from my computer screen. 
If you're fancy (and have ink) you can just print the image right on the freezer paper. 
Which is way faster might I add.

Here it is all cute out. I use an exacto knife.

Then you just iron the stencil onto the shirt. 

And peel the paper off. I do this even before its dry. 
I'm impatient like that. 
And here it is all done! 

Quick and easy I tell ya. And the results are awesome. 
Not to mention you can design so many things. 
The possibilites are endless. 

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Jay & Hollie said...

So you iron the stencil on then what ink do you use to get the coloring?