Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Belly update

I am 32 1/2 weeks. Yay!
And, Yes I'm already counting Halfsies.
Annnnd I haven't update for many weeks haha.
I just have not gotten around to getting a picture of this belly in all its glory.. and dressed cute.
Bebe Boy is growin and doing great! We are so blessed.
He is also showing me some attitude and making me very uncomfortable. ha.
I feel like the past week he has moved down. I know I was already carrying low. Lower than i did with Arli at least. But my body is just aching from him being so low now.
Pretty sure I'm in the mindset of the final stretch just from how uncomfortable I am.
Poor Tuck is havin to listen to me complain about it every night.
The good news for him is, at night I literally can't move from my spot. I lay down and I wake up in the exact same spot. Get up to go pee, then switch sides I'm laying on. So lucky Tuck has been getting a break from me hogging the bed and covers haha.
I am usually resting with the kids during their "quiet time" and might even fall asleep on occasion ;)
My energy is not as high as it was just a month ago.
Which is unfortunate becuase I have lots to do! A whole list.. that just keeps getting pushed.
So there you have it.
I'm 31 weeks in this pic with the kids in the Ross dressing room. Classy right? If I couldn't buy that shirt I was at least going to take a picture in it. 

This is me yesterday. Totally went to Prenatal Yoga. Feelin good about it and all! 
So good, that I  may or may not have stayed in my workout clothes all day. 
I hope everyone enjoyed my spandex day as much as I did HA. 


Dane and Kelsey Pence said...

Cute Michelle, love it! Can't believe he is coming just around the corner!!

k&kbeebe said...

love this post! you are getting so close : )

Dearest Lou said...

Yay you took a recent bump picture! You are looking great girl. That's awesome that you're doing yoga is it a pregnancy yoga class or just regular? I tried yoga last week and it KILLED me.. don't know if I will ever go back ;P