Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th July Fireworks

 We had a really great 4th of July holiday!
We went to Tuck's sister Kendra's house for a deeeeelicious breakfast. Spent the mid morning just loungin in her beautiful backyard.
Tucker had to work though. So the kids and I relaxed until we went to his dad's house for another get together. More good food. And more fun for the kids while I got to sit and eat. Best. Ever.
The kids and I went to visit my mom and dad and the doggies. Played Guess Who and fetch with the dogs.
And then we headed down to Ann Morrison for the fireworks. We met Jessica, Adam, and Dax down there too! And good thing.. cause I was feelin like a loner! Tucker got off at 10 and the fireworks started at 10:15. Luckily he works so close to home... and we live so close to ann morrison, he just drove home and rode his bike straight over. (he was a sweaty man- Hence the shirtless  man in the pictures) He made it just in time!! I was so so glad. It wouldn't have been the same without him.
I really think the kids were more interested in the glowsticks.. ahah. I had to keep reminding them to look at the fireworks. Now I know I need to have more of those on hand for emergencies.
It was a fun fun day.. And I'm glad I still went to the park with the kids without tuck to help me out. It was a good lil walk for me.. meaning.. umm i'm sore! haha. I was proud.
And the kids needed the tradition to live on :)

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Ashley said...

I'd like to say I know how it is to go out in public without a husband. But you did it with 2 kids and being pregnant. So I would have to say you are that much more awesome and amazing!