Monday, July 2, 2012

Beck's Splash N' Dash Triathlon

Our lil stud had his second triathlon Friday night! 
We found out about it literally a couple hours before it started... but he was pumped!
My pictures before and of the water part didn't turn out though bummer. 
Beck had a blast.. He has been talking about his triathlon all year long. 
I think he really enjoys just being in any competition... but this especially, since he watches his Daddy compete in them. 
He was so hilarious in line.. Another boy was trying to get in front of him on their way up to the water slide.. And he was NOT havin it. And if you know Beck.. he is a pretty reserved kid.. But he stood his ground and shouldered that kid right behind him everytime. It was freakin hilarious to watch. 
He did so so good! 
He was less apprehensive about the water part this year. (we don't really have a water boy on our hands)
He transitioned to the bike all by himself and took off. (the goal was no training wheels by August)
And then he booked it on the run. The run was definitely his best leg of the race. 
He was so fast and he was beaming with joy coming across the finish line!
The whole way there he was asking who was gonna be there to watch him.. but with barely any notice to family I told him I didn't know. 
So I think he was pretty happy to see my siblings and mom there for it all. 
I honestly think this is his way of showing off to family. Haha. 
He had a lot of fun. He loves to race. And hopefully he can do another kid's one this August. 
Just needa get those training wheels off. I mean.. we did tell him .. it does make you faster without them. So hopefully he takes that to heart ;)

The kid seriously wouldn't stop to talk or be congratulated until he was done with his chocolate milk.

Fist bumping with Uncle Brando. 

No Place like First Place :)

Flexing with Uncle Ryan

Proud Uncle Ryan

Proud Gma Silvia! So so glad she could come this year.. last year she was in Singapore

Speedo talk with Aunt Brin. He calls it his "speedie" because it makes him faster.
And can I just say.. I love his lil bum in that thing!!

Our failed family pic. :) 


Karalee and Austin said...

Michelle, your little family is Beautiful, Beck.. such a studd! His "speedie" is so stinkin cute. Seriously though, such a cute kid. I love that you have them busy and invovled so young, awesome! Super mom! I love to follow your posts and cute pictures, so I thought I wold post how awesome you are :)excited to see pictures of your new little babe soon!

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

Oh my goodness! I had know idea they had these. That is awesome! Way to go Beck!!!

Britton Valle said...

Love this-Britton

Ashley said...

Love this! So neat that Beck is excited about doing these races! Cute family!