Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adios Summer

It happened.. Summer is really over.
With Tuck's first day back to school yesterday.. I'm already reminiscing about summer. 
Tucker is such a stinkin good dad! When we decided to get married.. I knew that one thing I would never have to worry about was him stepping up and being a father. I had no worries at all. And it rings true today.. 
Not only is he an amazing daddy but man... he is hard working. 
After yesterday.. we got a taste of what the rest of this semester will be like.. and most likely the rest of his semesters to come. 
It was the busiest he's been yet in our marraige. 
School at 7:30 am.. till 1:20 or later on tue, thur. and fri. (wed. off a bit earlier) Means he comes home for literally 5 minutes to change and goes straight to work which starts at 2. Then he doesn't get off till 10pm. Not to mention the days he still works on most weekends. 
Yesterday Beck said, "when is daddy gonna be home from school?" I said "oh beck.. he's done with school today.. he's already at work" and he knows by now that when Daddy works he doesn't get home till after bedtime. So he said "What?! I didn't even get to see him today!" 
Oh little boy.. story of our life. Sadly that will most of our days. Not seeing Daddy at all or only for 5 min.
We might have gotten a lil TOO used to summer with him home during the mornings. uh oh
I know it is not easy for him to have such a full schedule . literally. full time school and full time work. 
But I am also extremely grateful. For the job, for the school, and for his willingness to do this for us.
With that said..
It sucks :)

I'm just going to go back to my iphoto bubble and look longlingly at our lil summer life we had. :)


Erin Dougal said...

Oh man. Harrison had that exact schedule for a long time! It is the worst! Luckily, Penny was really young, but it didn't make it easy for me. I feel for you. This semester he is gone from 4 am- 5pm Tuesdays and Thursdays which is a little better but I feel more bad for him than for me. These guys are hard workin'!

Ashley said...

I also shed a tear for summers, seems like Tucker really is getting diving in! I also shed a tear we aren't closer, hopefully you are able to use friends and family as a support!