Monday, August 27, 2012

1 month old Riv

My little Rivers is not so little little anymore. He turned 1 month old a week ago. 
It was bittersweet. My sweet little newborn is not so newborn anymore. 
Riv is now smiling. 
His chins are coming along nicely.
Not to mention those delicious cheeks!
Good thing for his chunky buns because this boy sure is fussy.
I have come to the conclusion that he is in fact colicky. 
But I'm getting used to it ... kinda :)
I weighed him the cheating way, with me first, and he weighed 10 lbs! 
He is definitely a growin boy. 
And a baldin' boy! 
the top half of his head is bald.. ! But he still has all his hair on the back half and the back of his head. hilarious i tell you! but it isn't helpin his old man image. 
I have noticed that it has started to grow back .. slowly but surely! 

My boy Rivers, we are so  blessed to have you. You are such a light in our family. 
You bring a smile to our faces just by hearing you coo, cry, or (for Beck and Arli) toot. 
Thank you for being so cute, lovable, cuddly, and ours.
p.s. Beck is ready for you to play soccer with him. ;)


Erin Dougal said...

Rivers has changed so much in just a month! Chubby chubby!

Ellen said...

What a cute little guy. And cool quilt, did you make it? Life is Good :)