Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Almost 3 weeks

Pictures taken at 2 weeks old.
Rivers is a growin boy! 
I have really been enjoying and takin in his sweet newborn stage. 
This little boy has such a sweet spirit about him. 
I could hold him for hours. 
He has changed so much already in the last 2 1/2 weeks. 
He is fillin up and it's pretty darn cute and kissable. 
I am sad that time is going so fast and he is changing so quickly. 
I really want to soak it all up the best I can! And just when I think I've been doing just that.. he grows a lil more and a part of me gets a lil sad. 
I love you sweet Riv. 
At least growing means being able to smile at mommy soon. :)

I snapped these pics last Friday.. and good thing I did.. because as I gushed about .. he's growing too fast! I have a lovely photographer friend who took his newborn pictures that I cannot wait to see and recieve! But we prob won't be getting them for a bit because of busy summertime. 
But for now.. I will continue my attempts at decent shots of my handsome boy. 


Silvia Hope said...

oh Michelle what a sweet angel of a mom you are to your kids..I love watching you loving them and showing the way to happyness...I'm so blessed to have you .. enjoy! life is good

kim said...

Michelle! These are such sweet pictures! He is such a gorgeous little baby and Beck and Arlington are so cute with him! Great job!!

Ashley said...

So precious! Love these moments you captured! You can already see how much Beck and Arli love their little brother!

royce and aubree said...

He is so cute So so handsome! congrats to you guys and you're kids are darling with him. How fun!