Sunday, September 23, 2012

I stepped on a pot.

Well. I'm alive. I haven't had much time to blog. 
But many updates are needed.... 
2 weeks ago I hurt my foot. And turns out I broke it! What the heck right? I waited like 5 days to even check it out.. Fail. Even bigger Fail.. How I broke it. I stepped on a big outdoor pot. 'Nuff said. Yeah it was dumb. Anyways. So turns out I need to have minor surgery on it because the bones aren't healing. There is a gap and every time I walk or move, my tendon connected to the other part of the bone pulls it away from the other. So I'll have that surgery this Friday to put a screw in it. And then it's another 4-6 weeks in a boot. The first 1-2 weeks on crutches. 
I still can't get over how freakin silly this is!! 
Not to mention I was just getting into a really good daily routine that included uhh.. working out. And I was feelin' fly!  Not so much anymore. I'll try to hold off on binging on chocolate while I'm not very mobile.. But it's not looking good. 
Luckily I have a great support system and plenty of people that are more than willing to help! I don't know what I'd do without my family and friends. 
But this has been a really hard thing for me. I'm kinda a perfectionist, so having people (my mom and Tucker) do everything for me is beyond hard! I'd rather just do things myself rather than ask Tuck or someone to do it for me, it gets done right away and the way I want it. And I have a routine of how i clean and do laundry.. but again.. having to let that go a bit. In the beginning I was almost feeling anxiety over it. It was so hard. And still is.. bummer. I think the Big Man upstairs is gettin a good laugh. And maybe I totally needed this to learn a huge lesson to let go. But I no likee. 


Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

HOLY COW!!!! I can't believe how crazy that picture of your foot looks! Good luck going under the knife! I know just how you feel not wanting others to do things for you! I feel the same way. After every c-section I have to remind myself to breathe and remember no one else can tell it wasn't me that did it but me (usually) Lol. GOOD LUCK!

Cait said...

Ouch! I hope everything goes smoothly and you feel better soon!!