Monday, September 24, 2012

2 months.

Lil Riv turned 2 months old last Thursday. 
He is coming out of his colicky phase and we are getting lots of smiles! 
He is really turning into such a happy baby. 
And a big bebe. 
He's been in 3-6 months clothes for a bit now. 
He has cheeks galore and I kiss them all day long.
He is cooing and trying to find his voice.
I love watching him kick his legs.. it is so stinkin cute. 
His bald head is no longer bald. The hair is growing in nicely.. and very evenly haha. 
It looks like we buzzed his head. 
His eyes are lookin greenish these days! Which is oh so exciting. We'll see if they stick. 
He loves his siblings and watching them. 
He sleeps around 7 hours a night. One night he did 8.. oh please come back 8. 
He still loves being swaddled and is still kinda sorta taking a pacifier. 
I'm seriously bettin he ways 12 lbs. or more now. 

Oh and he has a pet goldfish named Goldy
Rivers I love you oh so much. Don't grow up!! but do... but don't.