Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Copycat Family Tree Stump

I love a good copycat idea. heh. Who doesn't?
I pinned this art piece on my pinterest board for Wall art ideas. 
I don't have mula to spend on my wall art so creating my own is the way I gotta go. 
I love this print/stamp? of a family stump. I seriously fell in love. 
And so did my sis in law ;) She saw I pinned it and hinted she'd love one. 
Her birthday was comin up (this was in June) and I deided to go for it. 

Copycat Inspiration from This Etsy Shop

What I came up with:

I painted rather than try to figure out what the original did. And i love how it turned out!
I think she did too hopefully hah.
Now I just needa make our family one now that Rivers is born.
And hopefully it doesn't take me 4 months to post :)


Jim and Katie said...

Awesome! Great job!

Kristina said...

so cool! will try this!