Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Riv and Friends

Top: Rivers, Makenna, and Daxton
Bottom: Rivers and Ty
Riv is a lucky lil chunk. he already has more friends than me.
My friends finally have babies! It is still kinda weird.. in a good way haha.
I'm seriosusly glad that Riv has little friends and cousin his age that will be lifelong!
I can just imagine them all growin up toghether.. and oh my the toddler years!
Not to mention it is stinking cute!
All the chubbiness, all the cute toes, all the baby-ness!!
Come over and hang out with Riv and his friends and get your baby fix.

And can I just say... I'm really glad we are to this phase in life.. Ya know, the phase where everyone else besides us has kids :) It was a lonely 4 or 5 years there peeps.

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royce and aubree said...

He is so cute and chunky I love it! You have the cutest kids!