Monday, December 3, 2012


Ohhh, my life got away from me this last month. but its been a good thing. Focusing on family, fun, and not gonna lie a little bit me and myself and I in there too.

Monday is my typical house-wife duties day. Laundry, dishes, sweeping, puttin christmas lights up.. ya know the usual.
After a long day of housework and appointments I finally sat down at 5:00pm. I opened up the laptop and sat on my favorite grey couch and planned to feast my eyes out on the regular blogs I read.
Just as I opened up the computer Beck came up to me and said "Wanna play basketball with me Mama" Note: The way he always says "mama" is to die for.
At first I said "oh Beck.. I just sat down, can i please just relax."
Beck said "But Mama, I can play basketball and dunk really fast! Even with my left hand! .... is this my left hand?"
I couldn't help but smile over that last sweet sentence. His eyes were filled with excitement in showing me his sweet skills. The boy just wanted to play ball for goodness sakes.
My attitude shifted and I became excited with him.
We went outside so he could beat me in basketball.
We were playing to 7 points. After a bit the score was 6-4 and i wasn't winning.
And apparently it wasn't enough fun for Beck to win so easily..
Beck said "I'll give you a free shot mama"
Okay done. score 6-5
Beck.. " okay just one more free shot"
finally score was 6-6, exactly what he wanted all along. Excitement!
He started being the announcer while he was playing. I love when he does that.
And then he beat me.
Might I add.. Arli was thee most hilarious cheerleader during all of this. Her dance moves are great.
After Beck did his victory ... whatever he calls it. We picked up the dog poop. ( what dog? Oh yeah we got a dog :)
The kids LOVE picking up the poop. Beck used to do it at my parents house as a chore so he's a seasoned pooper scooper. Arli not so much.
As we picked up the poop I hear Arli coughing and gagging and then laughing so hard. And then again! She was smelling inside the paper bag full of poop! hahah. it was disgusting.. But if you know Arli this is also not very surprising either. She's kind of an odd one.
I freakin love my little ones.
I could have missed out on all of those sweet and hilarious moments if I had said no to Beck and just stayed on the computer. Which is almost mind blowing.... Makes me never want to say no to playing with them again.
They are such a huge blessing. And they are my whole life.
As I told Tucker earlier bout my wifely-duty day.. he said But it's exactly what you chose.
And .. haha he's right. I did choose this. Whole heartedly! I actually like to clean.
But I love being a wife.
And I looove being a mama to my littles.

Especially when this little boy does some sort of weird dance/heel click all the way down the sidewalks of downtown. Pure love.


Landon and Julie said...

Beautiful post! I love this!

Jon, Kristin and Koen said...

I read your blog every once and a while. I always love your pictures and you're a great blogger. (You write well and keep it interesting.) :) Your kids are so cute too. This is an especially great post. Thanks for sharing your story and reminding me to say no to playing with my own children less. Being a mom is awesome and you're great at it!

Erin Dougal said...

I've been trying to say yes more often as well. It is exhausting, but always worth it. You are a good mama.

Silvia Hope said...

Saying yes to playing with you and siblings are the best memories ever ..I dont think I remenber cleaning or doing laundry because we do it with out thinking ,but playing with the litle banbinos ohhh there is laughter , emotions that goes beyond the walls of eternity decision I ever made :) ..enjoy

Megan Hollenback said...

michelle, i'm so glad i have you! you are the perfect example to me and i look forward to learning any mama tips from you :)