Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rivers 5 months

I cannot delay this sweetness 5 month post any longer. 
Happy New Year friends.

My sweet 5 month old Riv. 
17 lbs. 11oz. (78%)
25inch long (25 %)
My short and chunky boy.
He is using rolling to his advantage.
He is starting to sit up by himself and is quite good at it already.
Happy Happy Happy baby.
Smile if you just look his way.
Always has a grip full of hair. Be careful.
His hair is really fillin up.

Trying to get him to laugh is hilarious, he will hold it in with his fists.
Speaking of fists. He loves his.. in his mouth.. all the time.
He loves watching our pup Moby.
He LOVES when Beck and Arli play with him.
He's startin to move around magically on the floor. But not full on steam rolling yet.
Sleeping like a wonderful bebe.. except when we are all sick.. like now.
His eyes are like a green/grey/steel blue. Crazy pretty!
He started solids a bit ago and loves them. I mean I expected Nothing less.
I love my Riv. Seriously nothing is as sweet as a baby. 
And make that a baby boy and you got heaven on earth ;)

And here is Riv at 4 Months and 5 months.


Kristina said...

Sweet little man! love the first picture!

Amanda Monbleau said...

I love this! Wish I would've done something like this for Kota. He is so precious! Happy New Years and hope you all are feeling better soon!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

He is so adorable, Michelle!

Silvia Hope said...

ohhhh! I miss my Rivers !! he steals my heart with his eyes, so happy he came into our lives....I love you Rivers!!....happy 5 months !!! yeahhhh!