Friday, January 11, 2013

Real Mom Moments caught on camera

Motherhood isn't all fun, organized, and kids dressin cute. 
Just watch this viedo and you'll understand what I'm saying. 
Background story: It's dinnertime. Tucker is at work. We've been sitting at the table for 40 minutes. Kids won't eat their dinner. Words spitting out of my mouth are repetitive. 
Good thing for sneaky videos to at least entertain me. And always remember these ..uhhh.. sweet moments.

Real Mom Moments from Michelle Botkin on Vimeo.

Notice Arli keep looking at me every time she does something... trying to see what I'm gonna do about it. and at this point.. it was do nothing or go crazy. I went with do nothing. Of course I end the video on my sweetness Riv that is small and innocent and not able to do anything. You're welcome.
p.s.  I have way too many videos of Arli "in her own world" as we like to call it. She is quite the free spirited artsy fartsy sassy pants.


Shay and Kira said...

Love it! I love the look at mom to see if she will stop me. Cray always puts on a big cheesy smile when he does that...then i know he is up to something!

Nakina said...

My kids dont eat their dinner either...So frustrating!!! It seems to be the worst time of the day around here. Im sorry your have to go through that too!

Silvia Hope said...

I love it! sweet memories...I like how you enjoy life even in the little unexpected moments ! is all worth it !

Dallas and Jessica said...

haha that was the best. and yes the drawers in the bookshelf are just from ikea. so we bought the bookshelf, and then 4 drawers and left the other 4 cubbies open!

RaCHELLE HuRD said...

HAHAHA.. perfect caption of a mother's day sometimes. "Eat eat eat eat eeeeeat." Is that what's she saying? so funny!