Friday, January 4, 2013

the new year

Farewell 2012. 
2012 Highlights: Rivers joined our family. New to us car. Moved to Boise in our own place. 
I think it was a pretty productive year. Those main goals were met and I'm pretty happy about it all.

Hello 2013.
I for one always love a fresh start of the new year. It seems a trend these days to forgo the resolutions and goal setting. But I think goals are what make successful people, well, successful!
 It's nice to have set in mind what you want to accomplish. And setting a plan to do it. 
Here are some of my goals I'll share.

Fitness goals: -Great Potato Half Marathon
-Complete my first Sprint Triathlon 
I'd like to do a marathon.. but that might realistically might be 2014
Just thinking about these gets me excited! I love the feeling of being fit and being in a regular fitness routine. It really just makes me feel more alive, have more self-worth, and is so empowering.
I am kinda nervous to see how my foot will do in long distances but optomistic.
Tucker has more than a few triathlons he is doing this year, including the Boise 70.3. 
So I'm glad he has all the experience already to teach me a few tips. 
Not to mention teach how to swim legitimately. 
Plus I have a few friends who are doing the Sprint Triathlon so that pumps me up even more! 
We can do it!!

Creative goals: -Start selling in my Etsy. (not crochet items)
-Draw more. watercolor more. my true passion
-less looking more making :)
-take an art class. pottery maybe.
-take more candid, personal pictures
-create more videos

Along with other personal and spiritual goals.. my main goal is to live Happily. 
I am forever learning and evolving from my experiences as a wife, mother, and friend. 
And I hope I can overcome some things that prohibit me from being my best me at each of those.

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Silvia Hope said...

i will be there to cheer you up with my support for both of you, life is so beautiful watching you all be so happy ...go get them !!