Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm back.

Well the deed is done and we are all moved into our new place. Hallelujah! We love it!
It's bigger and better in a lot of ways. But man, I'm so glad its all done. I forget what a pain moving is. But it's also nice to purge a lot of stuff in the process.
Admist the choas I snapped these pictures of Arli and Moby in the backyard. I will seriously miss that fence.. and not just because we don't have a fence for the yard here in the new place.. but because that fence was an amazing backdrop. sigh. I didn't even have to edit my pictures. Love.
I look at those pictures and cannot get over how stunning Arli is. She is just so naturally beautiful. It's almost painful. She is such a sweet sweet girl. A bit whiny.. but sweet ;)

Things that are making me happy these days..
Watching Riv crawl.
My new couch and rug.
My walk in closet.
Beck's swooping hair.
Arli's bum crack always sneakin out.
Having my husband back during weeknights. (goodbye cna night job)
Moby.. that lil dog
Being in this new place feels refreshing.. much needed. Clean slate.


Silvia Hope said...

your place is so cute I love the colors !!! you r pictures look amazing you are a good photographer

Megan Hollenback said...

love your new place! and moby :) i got that rug too finally, yay!