Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend (long) rundown:
We started our Easter weekend with a BBQ with friends at our place. We decorated Easter eggs with our new cool method of shaving cream! it was fun! But note for next time- boil more eggs. We had a lot of fun and are blessed to have some pretty cool friends. 
Saturday was a fun busy day! We started it off right with an Easter egg hunt at our Bishop's amazing house. It was so fun. Arli got to swing on the cutest swing with her lil friend from Sunbeams. That swing is magical. I love it. 
Then we finished off our Saturday with our niece Eden's baptism. 8 is great! After her baptism we had an Easter egg hunt with all the kids. Sooo many eggs. Sooo many kids! It was so fun to watch. Arli was especially hilarious to watch. At one point she was picking these candy carrot things up and throwing them back on the ground not knowing they were candy hahah. Beck was pretty serious about the whole deal and equally entertaining to watch.  
I was just loving soaking in the moment watching my lil family. 
And these two seriously melted my heart. I die. 

And i know there's so many pics of arli.. but dang that girl is always posing! Beck.. not so much.

Easter Morning we started with our own lil egg hunt. 
Beck woke up first and we could hear him head downstairs.. The Easter bunny left a trail of carrots ya know. He came back up and was so excited to go hunt in the yard.. then he said "I wonder where our boiled eggs are going to be that he hid!" .......... Cue Tucker's response.. eyes wide.. no eye contact.. "Boiiileeed eggs...." Then he dissapeared for a few min and went to go hide those haha. It was freakin hilarious i tell you. 

We then attempted some family pictures via the tripod. But .. well ya know. The result was satisfactory.. but nothing amazing haha. We are a rough group to photograph i guess. But the kids are dang cute! and got a couple of them in their rad Easter attire.

Then we went on a bike ride.. we don't have anything for Beck to ride yet so he squeezed in with Arli and Riv. hahah it was the best. Riv was just snug as a bug between the two big kids. And he slept the entire ride. Tuck was a real stud for pulling all three of them. 
We got home just in time to head to Gma Hope's Easter dinner with my family. Which was good eats and good company. I LOVEADORElovelovelove my brothers' girlfriends. They are the best! 

Easter weekend was busy... but so fun. A great kick off to our spring! 
And now... the kids are on a continuous sugar high. 


Silvia Hope said...

Oh MICHELLE such you had such a beutiful Easter all in one weekend love I felt the love ...thank you for sharing your Easter it means a lot are amazing your family is so cute!!

Hansen's said...

CUTE pictures!! I especially love the one with all three of your cute kids together sporting their bunny ears. Oh man. Cute. And Rivers chub, love it! Arli's easter dress and SHOES! :) ..Am I overusing the word "cute"?

Your Grandma is in my ward! I sat by her a couple weeks ago in Relief Society. I don't know how it came up but she told me about her granddaughter who named her daughter Arli... I thought of you but then thought maybe it was someone else and that possibly that name wasn't as uncommon as I would have guessed before. I saw though today that you were tagged in a pic with her... (or Arli was in the picture). How funny! Wish I would have connected it sooner when I was talking to her. Sweet lady!

kim said...

This is the cutest post ever!
Thank you Michelle for taking the time to create these memories for your family!Sure love you all!

Rosie said...

Such cute pictures! Quick! Email me that one of our girls on the swing!

Megan Hollenback said...

cutest family ever!