Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crying Baby

My life is like this picture.
Everyone is trying to hard to make it work. Make it worth while. Make it beautiful. Just trying to make it from point A to point B. But then theres that one baby, kinda throwin it off. No matter how good the others look... There will still be this crying baby front and center. But I still love this picture.. Crying baby and all. And life will go on without a perfect picture.
My life is like this picture.
And while everything is kind of finding it's place and we are figuring things out, my stupid car is that crying baby.
But I still love my life.. and life will go on.
But man.... there's always something isn't there?

When it comes down to it... I really love this picture.

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Kayla said...

This will be the picture they recreate when they are older. I love this picture so much its unreal. Its real and exactly how the house looks behind that closed door you know? I dig it.