Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In a Year

Almost one whole year has passed since I last wrote in this space.
In that year I have grown immensley. I think it was the best year personally, I've had. I grew to know myself more. It was a lot of experiences that showed me I am so capable. Capable of doing hard things physically, mentally, and spirtually.
I ran Robie Creek April 2014. It was so beyond hard. But so worth it! What a rush! I know if I can train to do that, my other goals seem reachable- so that's super exciting to me.
2014 was definitely my year for racing and doing those things for me.
I also ran in the Sawtooth Relay with some girlfriends. The mountains were cleansing to my soul. I am so weird when it comes to my mentality while running- so I practiced overcoming that.
I ran in the Wasatch Back Ragnar race with a group of people I didn't even know. I knew one friend there. and made lifelong memories with new ones. Maybe not so much outwardly, because I am kinda hard to get to know in a group, but more me on the inside. It was so hard for me to be there almost "alone" on the inside at first. I missed my kids and felt so guilty. But running races with people is a beautiful thing! And I got to know those teammates maybe even more than I wanted to haha. I feel so blessed to have been able to run that race because of those selfless friends.
In the summer I also went away on a quick girls trip to McCall. I could have brought my kids, but they had swimming lessons, so away I went. It was a revitalizing couple of days! At first I felt bad and almost regret going. But I pushed that aside as much as I could and I then really really enjoyed that time just relaxing (not running) without my kids.
Tucker was beyond supportive. One week I was only home one full day with all the racing and traveling. He has grown a lot too, it shows in how much I got to do for myself with his help.
Then to close off a great race season I ran the FitOne Half Marathon. Not only was it a beautiful course- probably my favorite so far- but I also revealed to my family and friends that I was pregnant with #4 babe. I wore a shirt that said "running for 2" Although I was only like 10 weeks -hehe so not yet showing (to anyone else at least) and not totally sick yet. So it was great timing for me! I took the race super easy and that was so hard! My time was way better than I thought it was going to be just going easy, so I knew I could have gotten under 2 hours for sure if I had been in the "racing" mindset. But played it safe for bebe.
We found out bebe was a boy the day after my birthday! Shock consumed all of us.. and tears consumed me and Arli. Real life feeling over here ha. But now months later I am truly excited for Rivers to have a bff. But I still need that 2nd girl sometime....
I was really good about continuing to workout while pregnant up until December. Now I walk one mile on the treadmill and I am hurtin and spent.
Trials have still persisted off and on. But as it goes on, I am getting better at dealing with them in a healthy way for me and my family. I still will never know what the future holds for me. But I cannot live in worry of the future. I won't let the adversary rob me of my joy in my life. I am still practicing, but I am happy in the moment.. and as long I know I am doing all I can, I can find peace. I think that was the biggest thing I learned in 2014 was about finding Peace.

That was my 2014 in a nutshell.
I may or may not update the blog on happenings of 2014. I would like to. I have so many pictures that I love from that fabulous year.


Rae Jean said...

I love your spirit and your inner you. (I've just spent time catching up on your blog.) You have so much inside of you Michelle that I admire. I'm glad that you are finding your inner you and that you are celebrating it. I love your necklace, Be Brave, and Beck's story with it. Women and Girls should be heard and should be important. You've grown so much the past few years. Keep on growing and reaching for your stars. You are a beautiful woman and mother and wife. Stay true to yourself! Love you Michelle! Rae Jean

Test said...

You are a rockstar. I miss you, friend. -Brit