Sunday, January 15, 2017

The great stuff & Turning points of 2016

2016  was a really great year.

The really really Great stuff:

  • Tucker started his RN job in the ICU.. that also came with a real salary! say whattt
  • We took our first real family vacation with just our family of 6. Camping on the Oregon Coast is unreal amazing.
  • Tucker and I have been on a fantastic journey in our marriage and it has never been better.
  • Tucker and I went on our honeymoon and to celebrate our 10 year anniversary a tad early in Barbados. My life has been changed and travel is calling my name. That time together was amazing. We definitely lived the motto of "Treat yoself" 
  • Arli cut her hair short... hello pre teen
  • Beck got braces and then got them off!
  • I finished my first triathlon. Something I never thought I could do..  but I survived the swim!
  • The kids started at a new school where they are thriving at. And do all the typical elementary school stuff which I adore.
  • We've made amazing new friends. The kind where all your kids magically play together and are best friends and us adults can have fun too. It's magic.

The turning point stuff:
      We really had our own paths separately for this. But personally, I began to really examine my faith.
     I had struggled with my religion for some time. Beginning of the year I started looking deeper. Though I had my own issues in the back of my head for a while, when I couldn't look away any longer I had to truly examine my faith. And it was the best thing I ever did. Even just saying that is bizarre. But it's true to my thoughts and feelings.. in every aspect thus far.  I realized how much growing up in the religion really affected me negatively and affects me to this day which I try and be mindful of. I came to my conclusion and luckily after some hit and miss, Tucker was right there with me. (I'm not typing out my whole transition spiel in this particular post though.)
      We arrived at the same conclusion separately. It seriously was a beautiful thing. I feel very lucky to be on the same page as my spouse about it.
      I personally was dealing with this journey most of 2016 already and then together we left the LDS church in August and began deciding together our new route. That in itself was really unifying for us. I'm proud of us.
     A lot of things are better than ever before. Just life in general is happier for us. And I realize that is probably hard for some people to hear. By some, I mean, MOST everyone that knows us. Maybe even not believable to some. And that's okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, beliefs, and feelings.  I just personally can say how I feel. How I genuinely am happier. But not only me, my oldest kids are too. And that brings me even more peace.
    Us leaving the church isn't something I declared publicly when it happened. Yet I know word of mouth travels fast.  And this is indeed a small world. I find it interesting interacting with friends or people when I know they've talked about my church activity to anyone but me. And they think I don't know.  Honestly, I genuinely find it interesting. It's almost like I'm watching a movie and I'm just waiting to see how this all plays out. Who's going to still be a genuine friend. Who will fade away. Who will be nosy for their own benefit. Who will try and save me. Or who will not acknowledge it again after you tell them.
     I feel lucky to have my family who love me unconditionally. And we can speak openly about this and anything else. I'm pretty lucky to have a handful of truly loving friends who accept  me and love me along this journey. It'd be a pretty lonely rode without them all.

     I learned a lot in 2016. I did a lot in 2016. I was brave in 2016! And I did me- with love in my heart. And I'm proud of that.

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