Sunday, January 20, 2008

In Utah

We are finally here. it's crazy to say the least.
Yesterday morning was the hardest for me anyway. I knew i would shed tears and cry but i didn't expect to cry like a little girl again. Ha. That is really what i felt like. But ... it was hard. Once we started driving I had to put something in the cd player to listen to other than music.. which left my mind open. So we put in these cds we got from Mike and Kim last year. I forget what they are called but it's for eternal marriage and it was preeetty funny. Wish i could remember what its called. But anyways. We stopped at Gram's house (Tucker's Grandma and Bill) in South Jordan. It was really nice to see them. I think they are such a funny little couple. Gram loved Beck. Beck was glad to be out of the car seat haha.
We finally made it to American Fork da da daaaa! Marco's family was there in the drive way to greet us. Showed us around the house and our room. They redid their basement and it looks awesome! Lots of colors :) And our temporary room is fit for the three of us. They also have the Wii and guitar hero.. So that will SURELY keep Tucker busy in his spare time haha. What am i sayin?? It will keep ME busy.. with what free time i get, probably not for a week or so.
After Marco and Carrie gave us the grand tour Tucker went out on a job with Marco and Michael. Talk about gettin to work haha. I think it was good for him though. I knew he was excited.
Naturally i called my mom to talk. :) She's always a comfort to talk to! Love her !
Later Terry came with all our boxes in his truck. Kalob and Kenton are SUCH good helpers. I mean really I've never met any other kids so helpful and willingly/happy obedient to their parents. But the three of them brought all the boxes inside.. which seemed like a TON of boxes.. but really i promise it wasn't haha. I keep saying that. I'm starting to think I'm trying to reassure only myself. Me and Kiana got our work out on taking boxes downstairs to our room. And of course once they were all there i felt the urge to start unpacking right there on the spot. I definately get that "i wanna get it done now and fast" attitude from my dad. Ha. I'm a total perfectionist when it comes to that stuff.
As Terry was leaving, Chelsea and all the kids came over. Including Kashlee and Cameron! And once Tuck, Marco, and Michael came back it was party. I mean there was guitar hero blastin' and foozball playing. Hah. It was fun. I think Beck thought otherwise, he never went down for an afternoon nap and refused to fall asleep with all the noise and kids all around :)
Well Later Terry came back and said goodbye to Tucker and us. And he planned on driving back to Boise. It was already around 9 or 9:30 at night! Talk about bein worried! Hopefully, he stopped somewhere comfortable to rest up. But a BIG thanks to Terry for all the help and work!
After Terry left we stayed up talking for a bit and finally my back couldn't take it anymore. ( Beck was sleeping in my arms and i was standing up) Finally went to bed for a "good night's sleep" except for the fact Beck woke up 4 times :) (dunno why he's been doing that lately)
Long day? haha. I'd say so.

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Jim and Katie said...

Hi Guys, glad to here you made it safely, and are getting settled in. Sounds like you have plenty of family near by to take care of you and keep you occupied. Enjoy's not that bad :)