Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Updates on Beck :D
Beck is 6 months old and livin it up :) He's getting better at things like rolling over, scootin around, eating, drinkin from a cup, and most recently his SIppy Cup ! He really loves it! And he's babbling a lot more. Oh yes. it is very cute! And fun!

I need a little rambling time. Usually i ramble to Tucker.. or my mom. Or .. someone. But me being the only adult here, it wouldn't make sense to ramble to the kids haha.
I really want to put pictures up but all of my pictures are on the computer at my moms house.. and i need to figure out a way to put pics on one of these computers until we get a laptop. Having a laptop will be so nice. I'm excited for that.
So far i do not like the weather utah is displaying for me. I am tired of snoow and coldnesss. I'm here watching Marco's kids and i WANT to go out with them.. or pick something up at the store.. but its so dang cold outside i haven't convinced myself to go yet.
Tucker is still in Vegas..
Last night he walked down the strip and stopped along the way taking pictures for me . He sent me some on my phone.. i was so jealous! He sent me pictures of the espn zone down there. Tv's above the urinals and bathroom stalls. Seriously Tucker's dream come true.
I've never been to Vegas. Not that i'm old enough to have a fun reason to go, but it'd still be new and exciting. As for Tucker, this is his 2nd time! Lucky. I can't wait until he gets back tomorrow night, until they ALL get back actually.
I dunno how well i'm doing with the kids and dinnertime. It seems like no matter what "pre-approved by them" food i make some of them still don't like it. Haha. But i'm trying. Tonight i think the menue will be spaghetti. I like spaghetti. They Said they like it too.. Or maybe I'll make that tomorrow for when everyone gets back. Man, who knows. I'm really indecisive.
Another thing, I miss having a dog. Silly? I think not. A dog is a very good campanion. Like Guito. He was very loyal to me. aw man. i get sad even thinking about letting him go. But Rex.. i think he may be even more loyal. Big German Shephard sweet as a .. sweet animal. I'm hoping when we get an apartment we'll be blessed with a pet approved place.

Well i hope everyone is doing well and not as bored as i am ( Beck is napping)


Rae Jean said...

WELCOME to Utah!!! I don't like the weather either. I'd much rather be in Vegas too! I think that you need to get out I feel for you. Go ahead and write it all down, and then make sure Tuck reads it! Hang in there mama...Friday will be here soon!

Rae Jean said...

I hear you had a fun weekend!!! We need the update on life in Utah! Hope you are doing okay now. Life gets better after the boxes are unpacked.

Angela said...

Beck is SO handsome. I'm glad you guys made it safe and sound to Utah! and I'm glad you have a blog, so I can keep in touch with you. Take care!!