Monday, February 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Surprise!! We're back in Boise, Idaho! For good! Long story short.. Utah didn't offer what it would have taken for us to stay there.
BUT No need to be sour. I'm actually quite happy, as you would have guessed. I am sad that I did not get to meet some of Tucker's family down in Utah though. But Rae Jean's wedding is coming up, so we'll most likely be going to that. (congrats Rae Jean!)
So it is a good day here in Idaho.. no really it is! Although it's rainy, I do like rain. But Saturday was sunny and nice weather just to welcome us back home in my opinion.
There is so many good things about Idaho that I now do not take for granted. No offense Utah, but Idaho is my main squeeze! Next to Beck & Tucker :)
I even have a made out list in my mind the reason i prefer Idaho over Utah.. Buuut in respect to family Utahans, I will keep my list to myself ;)
The one thing i'll miss about Utah though is seein all the temples! I really wish we had more temples here in Idaho to look at as we go about cities.
Well it was a long welcome home weekend! But it was fun! I spent lots of time with my family and we spend time with Tucker's also! Eden and Anson even did a River dance! It was the most entertaining thing they've ever done! No lie. There was no comparison! Eden is very good at staying in character.. keeping that straight face! Oh my, good thing we video'd it for Kendra! Somehow we will have to get that to her!
Well we're back!! It is a good feeling.
We had life experiences in Utah for the good and bad. But it was fun getting to know my Uncle and his family more and spending time with the Little kids babysitting them! Thank you Uncle Michael!
And Thank you to all the family that has supported us and helped us through it all!
We love you!


Furgs said...

Cute blog! It's great that you are back in Idaho! Are you going to come back to our ward? Sorry things didn't work out for you guys in Utah, but it sounds like you're going to be much happier here. :)

Shay and Kira said...

well welcome back to the promised land! Now maybe we will see you guys around sometime! haha

Jim and Katie said...

Welcome home :)

Rae Jean said...

I am so sad that you went back to Boise! Sorry I missed you!