Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Harley Boy

Little Baby Beck isn't lookin so little anymore... aww. Tucker handed Beck over to me last night and right away as I was reaching out for him, newborn pictures/memories ran through my mind. Just a little baby, fit in one arm comfortably. Now it takes two arms to hold him like that and it makes me look like a child. haha. Oh i miss the lil baby days. I kind of got that "let's have another one" feeling.. just for a second! Then I came back to reality :)
Beck is a little crawler now! Not as good as Bo.. but he'll get there ;) . Right now he's army crawling. And just yesterday figured out how to get back to the sitting position from tummy position. which always caused him agony not being able to do that. Congrats Beck! But this little booger now gets into anything and everything. We now have to explore the whole floor to make sure he won't get into anything.. we have learned this the hard way.. (Beck and the chocolate/wrapper episodes etc.) And when he's playing over by the tv and i'm on the computer he'll crawl all the way to me every time... aka Mommy's Boy.
He is such a cutie though! Tucker and I really are so so blessed to have such a healthy happy baby boy!

**Oh.. and I just have to say... Yay for nice weatherrrrr!!!! Monday we went to the park with Muff and the kids and Anson's therapist Amanda. It was nice! And fun to see cute lil Eden play. Beck and Bo were pretty laid back. Tucker and I threw the baseball around. Which is always fun. We did played catch on Sunday also... Let me just sayyy.. my skills are improving. :)
I love playin with Tucker :) I think it teaches him patience hahah.

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Jim and Katie said...

He is getting very big!! And very cute!! Cute pics!!