Friday, March 7, 2008

Party Day!

So Last Sunday was my sister Brittany's 18th Family Birthday Party and our niece Eden's 3rd Birthday Party!Fun stuff yea?
First we went to Brin's and spent time there. Brinney is now 18 :) aw. How schweet. I think my mom is taking it allll in. Since Brinney IS her youngest.. hence the "baby" .. all grown up. Me on the other hand.. i'm looking forward to Brinney goin off and gettin married and having KIDS with me haha. Yes i know.. long ways away. But still..
I took soooome pictures.. not as many as i wanted because Beck was bein sad. But i needed some of him with his aunt and uncles! :)
Happy Birthday to Brittany :) . I love you! And you're my best friend! Oh.. and sorry Beck was sad in all the pictures we took of you two. Haha. Here is Uncle Ryan, then Aunt Brinney, then Uncle Brandon with Baby Beck ...As you can see, he started off laughing with Ryan.. then fussing with Brinney .. then just sad/crying with Brandon.
And Happy Birthday to Pretty Eden! What? She's 3? She is growin up so fast it seems.. and so is Bo! Jeez Muff, get ahold of your kids! Oh wellll.. we love them so much! Eden was so cute in her sunflower dress! I tried taking lots of pictures.. but really.. that girl is on the go! twirling and smiling and jumping. So I ended up with one good one. And a cute one of Bo. :) We love Little Eden so much! She really brightens up the room i think :) happy birthday sweet Eden!

I have all my pictures on the computer now! yippeee.. you know what that means. lots and lots of random new pictures :)


bkbishopfamily said...

man, I didn't know that was such a busy day for you guys-thanks so much for coming to see Eden. she absolutely adores your family! and thanks for posting these pictures, they are too cute...

Shay and Kira said...

fun fun fun!! Of course you can come to my modbe party. Bring your friends too! You can email me your address and i can send you an invite, or this can be your official invite!