Friday, October 3, 2008

Austism Awareness

-photo courtesy of Mike and Kim's Blog :)
We all ran in the Run/Walk for Austism Awareness this last Saturday. (Mike took the pic but he ran too) It was a big bad 5K run. Wooo. Everyone did awesome! And best of all, all the little kiddies were there to greet us at the end. :) That in itselft was very rewarding to running to the end with Babeh Beck in sight (and my husby). In the end 2 of our lovely group won some awards. Trey finished 1st in his age group .. impressive! way to go Trey. And Barrett Bishop (who won a prize in the RAFFLE toooo) got 3rd in his age group also! So that was very exciting! I'm just glad I finished the race without walking. haha. Luckily my runner partener Kendra was very motivating. :) It is always easier to run with someone by your side. I'm sure I held Kendra back from her full potential that day. ha. But I am so glad Tucker and I decided to run! It was a fun, refreshing run and hey.. maybe I should continue? .. maybe after the baby comes haha.
Not only was it a fun thing do with family but it was for an awesome cause! Austism Awareness. Throughout the race there were signs with facts or signs of Autism. It is just eye opening how many kids are affected with this. But still they succeed! We are SO grateful for our nephew Anson! He is really the life of the party haha. He is so funny and very sweet. He has such a fun loving personality, I see especially when he plays with his Uncle Tucker. We are so grateful for Anson and the light he brings in all our lives :).

Did I mention the guy from ABC Family's Kyle XY was the host?? Yes, it's true. Not that i particularly watched that show.. But i know my sister did haha


Monte and Brittany said...

wow! thats very impressive! you did that even while being pregnant!! i love going and running but im DEFINATELY not in as good as shape as you are!!
good job!

Jim and Katie said...

You did that five months prego? I'm very impressed. I can walk but I can't run at this point! Way to go :)