Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Salt Lake for Weezer

What a fun trip! Tucker and I took a itsy short to Salt Lake City to go to the Weezer concert Tucker has long awaited! Beck did not join us for the fun, it was our first time ever leaving Beck for more than half a day. Talk about sad!

We left sometime before noon on Monday.. a little later than planned..

We got to Salt Lake...checked into the Red Lion and let me tell you... yes, We got the Premium King bed.. it was oh so comfortable. I never ever thought a hotel bed could be comfortable. I guess I have been missin out! We got ready for the night to go meet up with my best friend who lives in Provo, and her boyfriend. We went to dinner and went hot tubbin afterwards .. Oh how i miss my dear friend Alisha.. Why does she have to live so far away!? It was so fun hangning out with them! We had a blast! sidenote: Dear Alisha, move back asap.

Tuesday morning we had a little trouble gettin up HA. I mean it really was the first time in a while either of us got to actually sleep in! But of course my bodys internal alarm clock was ready to go around 7:30. So I just soaked up all the comfiness of the bed while waiting for the wake up call. I refused to get up before our wake up call! We made it to the Temple just in time for an awesome session! It was amazing! And the Salt Lake Temple is SO beautiful. We admired every bit of it while there. Can't wait to go back in December too.. since we didn't really get to walk around temple square or anything. We made it back to the hotel in time for a 15 min. nap and checkout time. whew!

Of course once checked out the first thing Tucker wanted to do was to go check out the E Center where Weezer was played. We headed out.. got directions from multiple people.. got lost multiple times.. Then finally arrived! Course the gate just had to be open where all their buses were.. oh so very tempting for Tucker. I mean, I support Tucker's obsession with Weezer.. but I draw the line at sitting at the E Center 4 hours before the doors even open! Haha. So after many circlings of the E center we headed back to the Gateway Mall. WOOOOO! My favorite :)

We had a fun time together walking around the stores! I forgot how much I miss that one on one time with my husby! We have fun together.. I'll tell ya that much! Although we did make our way into Gymboree store and looked at all the cute girl dresses. and a sharp little blazer that Beck would have worked it in! Haha. I already have an idea in mind what Beck and his little sister are going to wear for Christmas pics 2009 :)

We finally made our way back to the E Center. We got there RIGHt in time to sneak in the back of this line of people going in a side door. They had won tickets on the radio and got to actually jam with Weezer live on stage for a couple songs! So of course Tuck was right on that trying to get in. I was in on it for a bit then realized I would get caught no matter what cause they were taking the guests to assigned seats on given tickets.. which i did not have. So i let Tucker continue his adventure and made my way out the door. Planning on telling anyone that asked that i was having some sort of pregnancy problem ha. Turns out Tucker made a minor mistake and got caught.. and therefore kicked out. Hah. BUT we still had our actual tickets so.. it was no prob for me. It was an awesome show! I could never give a worthy description. But it was so Good!!! And wayyyy exceeded mine and even Tucker's expectations. They are so talented. Maybe Tucker will expand on that part. But i know i will not do it justice and will hear about it later by their #1 Fan Tuck. :)

The weezer spirit even bonded us with some new friends! Who woulda thought there is a couple almost exactly like Tucker and I. Male= Weezer fan, weezer style glasses, plays instruments, lds, funny guy. Female= brown, haha, basically everything else bout our personality! Let's just say we made some new Best Friends for Life haha. We all went out to Denny's after the show.. and even had another adventure after that, but will save that for a rainy day. They were awesome people and it was seriously not by chance we met them last night. Everything about meeting them and hanging out with them turned out to be a blessing.

We planned to drive home after the show. but after a late dinner and a unexpected adventure we started heading out around 2 am. So we stopped and slept for a while for our own safety.

The trip was so fun! It was a short, small trip but it was definately unforgettable. And very worth the long wait for Tucker.. (6 years for Weezer). But we were so ready to come back home to Beck! We missed him so much!!!

Sadly i didn't take any pics of the first night!! what was i thinking??? But got some good ones from the show. :)


Suzie Koskella said...
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Monte and Brittany said...

oh man that sounds like so much fun!! how nice would it be to just HAVE A DAY AWAY FROM EVERYTHING.. like you said i miss the one on one time!! and yes.. internal alarm clocks SUCK! haha. even when its monte turn to wake up with cole i seem to be awake with them.. cuz i cant sleep! haha

im glad you guys had such a fun time! :)