Friday, January 23, 2009

Good day today..

Yay for:

*Ryan is home from Alaska! Earlier than expected.. but I will welcome that anyday! We didn't even recognize him when he was comin down the escalator at the airport what with the mountain man look and all ha. Beck is SO happy he is home.. I have never seen him react to anything like he did to seeing ryan again: shocked, speechless, with a paralyzed smile on his face, eyes just focused ahead of himself :) We missed him so much.. and he now has some craaaazy stories. I will say from what I hear, I don't advise someone to go on a fishing boat in alaska. brr and ow!

*only 30 days left till the due date! But watch out.. Tucker's convinced I will go into labor at any moment now. haha :) I can't stop thinking about what she will look like and what a change it will be to have 2 little munchkins to tend to! And what a joy it will be to have a new sweet little baby from heaven join our family :)

*Beck learning all these new things.. I'm so blessed to be his mom and watch my little sweet boy grow. He can be a little bum sometimes but it doesn't matter because of everything else he does makes up and surpasses any wrongs. He shows his love for us in all his cute ways and his dance moves never get old. He is only gettin better :)

*my cute husby who still acts/treats me as if we had just started dating haha. I feel lucky he loves me so much and knows how to show it. ( especially despite the huge baby of a planet attatched to my mid section. ) Even though at times.. I may get .. how should I say .. annoyed, with how he shows it.. At least he shows me right :) hahah.. ohh you have no idea.

*And Yay for new our new adventure that awaits us in San Jose. Tucker will leave on the 23rd of March to drive down there with all our stuff. Then I will fly down there and I'll meet my love in San Jose 2 days later on March 25. And I'll be lucky enough to have my mom fly with me and the kiddies. Phew!! The tickets are bought and so far nothin is stallin us from going. Oh and you might be wondering.. whatever for are we moving to san jose for the whole spring/summer? Tucker is going to be selling security down there. Lucky for us his cousin Brett is really helpin us out. We are really excited.. Though ... duh.. i cant help but be nervous also!


Monte and Brittany said...

cute belly! lol who took your maternity pictures??

oh and yes i agree boating in Alaska is COOOOOOLLLDD my sister lives there and tells me all the stories! haha
id NEVER wanna move there!

rachellehurd said...

you look gorgeous! thanks for posting these. :) i'm excited for you! wahoo!

MOLLY / TODD said...

those are really cool prego pics. good luck in san jose! what an adventure. i'd love to live in that great weather