Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Together at Last!


Whew! We finally made it to California. Reunited at last..
The Trip Was really alright.. Beck loved the lookin at the planes when we first got to the airport.. and when we finally got on one i think he was excited! He actually did really well on the plane.. We kept him busy with snacks and his dvd player with Yo Gaba Gaba (thanks to Gma and Gpa Wood for the show!) He loves that show.. and i think the only time he got a little too loud and might have disturbed someone is when that dvd started playing.. Haha he was so happy! Arli did phenomenal! sp? ha. She stayed in the carrier the whole time in the airports and while on the plane she drank from the bottle.. which was just easier.. She was a little angel. The only real stressful parts were of course.. 1- getting through Security!! jeez i hate it! and 2. Getting in line ready to board the second plane from Las Vegas.. It was Beck's nap time.. He was almost a devil child. Almost. Though he DID run straight down the terminal ha. I guess he was ready to board the plane.. My mom chased after him the fastes i've ever seen her run.. And in high heels haha. I can laugh at it now.. But right then.. oh man it was stressful.. because at the same time Arli was fussing and getting hungry in the carrier and not havin her pacifier at all. So there we were.. Crying baby.. and Crazy crabby child. just waiting to board this plane.. And pretty sure the guy in front of us in line was NOT a kid friendly kind of guy. BUT we got through it. Both the kiddies fell asleep through the turbulance.. good for them and me and my mom. Though man.. i don't like all that turbulance stuff.. Scary thoughts were going through my head.. That's all i'll say.
Anywho. We are here safe.. and awaiting to get outa this smushed hotel room Ha.
oh and the cute green and light blue dress my mom sewed! It started as size 10 girls dress and she took it apart and resewed it to a little baby dress for Arli :) Quite creative she is ! I know where i get it!


Blake and Katie Summers said...

wow sounds like quite the adventure! Glad you are all together! Love the dress!

kim said...

These are the cutest kiddos ever!
What adorable Easter pictures! Hope you guys are doing well! Love you!

em ♥ russ said...

thanks for saying hi!

your kids are the cutest!