Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lately of the Chillens'

I can just imagine what she's thinking, "Mom why the heck are we hunting easter eggs? It's not even Easter.
Beck and Bo enjoyin the hunt! Beck just followed him and did what he did haha.
Here we have Ella and Arli both crying it out. :)
Don't know why its still not rotated right.. But isnt she still so cute :)

Some pics of our life these days.
Arli is dramatic.
She crawls (goin on 7 1/2 months of practice, she's committed)
She throws fits.
cue the arching of the back and throwing her head back.
She teases Beck.
and smiles while she does it.
She plays with cars.
and she's good at it.
She babble-sings.
She gives open mouthed kisses and blows kisses if your lucky.

Beck is still Beck.
He is entertaining.
-the things he says

What would we do without our little ones?? Seriously.

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Monte and Brittany said...

aww your kids are so cute! :)