Saturday, April 3, 2010

the weekend in utah

It was so fun to be with my whole Valle family side for a weekend! Not everyone was there.. but it was enough that it was pretty much a reunion. We were all there for my cousin Erin's baby's blessing. Sweet Penelope! We are so glad we went! Now that we are home.. all the chaos has died down and we are back to our schedule.. which also feels good! Arli took her first 4 legit steps there!! I just let go of her and she kept standing and then decided it was a good time to walk some to my Aunt Chelsea. uh yeah!! Random! That girlie is just waiting for her great debut of walking/maybe running. We can't wait!
Uncle Ryan with the kiddos..
My beautiful younger cousin Kashlee with Arli
Basketball was played pretty much the whole
weekend. So of course Beck got in on that.

Sweet Penelope and Arli girl! Arli was quite intrigued
and cried because we had to hold her hands so she wouldn't
attack Penny.


Erin Dougal said...

Haha! I love that picture! Someday they are going to look back and laugh at it together

Jim and Katie said...

Yeah for walking! Go, go, ARli!

Nakina said...

Michelle, I found your blog from Jessica's. You have the cutest family!