Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I think we had a pretty great Memorial weekend. It was spend with lots of family :) and allll of the families hah. It was really nice. I watched my brother's girlfriend's daughter both Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday was overnight, so that was fun! She is 4 and Beck and her are already bff's. It is so funny to watch. And of course.. she's potty trained and was baffled as to why Beck was still wearing diapers. (poor kid.. we're tryin) But she is so cute and it was nice to just watch them play. The weather was so nice on Sunday we pretty much played outside the rest of the day after church and had our own little bbq. :)

My little Arli is just so cute, Tucker said, " ya know you have way more of Arli than of Beck?" haha. Oh man. Guilt rushed over me and I felt so sad. My poor little Beck-son. I have to make a bigger effort to keep getting pics of him. Its just so easy with Arli :)

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Shay and Kira said...

haha! It's the age! I am sure you had tons of pics of Beck at that age too! I love your outfit in the picture on the steps!