Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finally got that New Years Kiss

Welcomed in the New year with my hubby for once! The past years he had his hotel job and would have to work nights.. through the holdiays. Not fun for anyone.
SO glad we got to spend it together this year. :)
We went to see my cousins' band.Which was great. and turns out it was for the Institute new years eve party. So we got to see some old/current friends. Which was great! But I have to say it was weird for me haha. All those single and mingling people .. we kinda felt out of place. But it was fun to just dress up and be out with Tucker.

Arli was already asleep but Beck was excited to go to Opa's house for the evening! that kid loves to crash our pictures haha. We were told he danced the night away on the wii. and would say "just one more song" over and over.. OH my. Good thing Tuck and I don't fall for that anymore. haha but he had a blast :)

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