Monday, January 3, 2011

Colors at Lowes

I really wish I had more excuses to go to Lowes. But I don't need many since it is right around the corner from where I live.
While picking out spray paint one time, the array of paint colors beheld me. It was pretty magnificent and I grabbed lots of color swatches that caught my eye.
After cleaning the mess on my bookcase. ( I am not liking have lots of surfaces to collect clutter.) I found these hiding under it all. The colors are so pretty. And I like to imagine what I would use it all for.
The colors are so bright and springy.. I guess thats what my inner heart wants haha.
But I didn't feel guilty grabbin them all because I plan on using them for scrapbooking. I think it'll look way cute on some pages.
So lookin for some free scrapbook stuff? Head off to Lowes. Just don't go too crazy. And don't tell them I sent you. :)


Erin Dougal said...

Lowe's!? Oh Michelle, you need to go to Home Depot. SO much better :)

Michelle said...

Oh lowes is RIGHT by my house.. i grew up a Home Depot girl myself so i rather agree. :)