Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

Happy New Year friends!
I for one am very excited upon this new year.. I love the new feeling it give and the "fresh start". I have some real goals this years that for the first time I know I am going to accomplish.
Goals from financial, family, spiritual, physical, and of course creatively.
Here are my creative goals this year.

Learn to knit- yes.. I must. I saw the cutest knitted stuff toys that are calling my name.
Get Scrappin'- My scrapbooks have been untouched for maybe the whole year of 2010. Pretty sad! I have pics from previous calendars that are waiting to be scrapbooked and all my pretty papers and things waiting for me.
Stock up on etsy products- I plan on making numerous items to go in the shop.. I have a lot of crochet items right now that are more for winter. And with winter going to be winding down I have lots of ideas in my head for handmade items. ( hopefully this will take off and I can help out and bring in a little bit of money to save)
Quilt- hopefully I can get the quilting thing down.. I want to take a quilt piecing class and get my butt in gear. I want to hand sew them.. not tied. Lets say at least quilts.. yes 2. :)
Buy less/use what I have- Luckily i already do not buy much. I am blessed with an amazing creative Grandma that has provided me with lots of the things I need to create. If I even mention I am interested in something, she will bring me boxes of things to use. I feel so blessed and lucky! With everything I already have.. I need to constrain myself and buy only what I need and have a plan for. (not "gotta have it" type deal)
Paint more-or should I say.. Just Paint SOMETHING! I need get back to basics and make some art for some walls.
Play Piano- This is one of my all time loves. Been playing since I was a little girl but the talent part has decreased because I don't practice.. ya know what they say.. if you dont use it, you lose it. More music, more songs I love, more classical, more theory.

I really feel like this is going to be a great year. I don't think a new year has ever made me feel like this, I never seemed to mind goals and whatnot.
And I am excited!!
This creative stuff can only get better :)

What are your goals?

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Deb said...

Michelle, Talk to me about scrap booking... I have something you will be interested in. :D