Sunday, January 2, 2011

Had a Grand 1/1/11

Beck and Arli playing with all their "New Years Baby" gifts from Gma and Gpa wood.
haha And in the process of Beck practicing blowing those things.. little Arli got hit in the face. (as pictured above)
But she recovered nicely with yummy "Gma-Made" freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. (and I helped)We got home and rested up for a movie later with some great family. We saw Megamind and it was pretty cute! from what I saw at least.. :) Little Arli isn't quite ready to sit through a whole movie.. but she DID love it for the first bit. (no nap might have been to blame) Then she would run around in the front row. Perfect. I didn't mind but I'm sure someone did ha. 3 is the age for movies for the Botkin kiddos.
But look at her.. she's just too cute.. she MIGHT just convince me to take her to another dollar movie.. just might.

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