Thursday, March 17, 2011

Project Life Progress

My craft table looks like this at the moment:

Remember this post about Project Life? Well I finally got started on mine. All I was waitin' for was to print the pictures.
I got started and am loving it!! What a great idea! And it all comes together so cute, not to mention fast!
I started doing my pages and realized, "Man theres no way I'm gonna use all the pages at this rate" I was just doing like 4 pictures per month (or so)
I looked up some other people's Project Life books and SILLY ME- the whole purpose is to take a picture everyday and so when you open a page the whole spread is one week. a picture for each day, and then the little cards to write on about it all. HAh. I really don't know if I already knew this and forgot (most likely) or if I had no idea. So now I will be doing that. You certainly don't have to do it that way, but I think I'll love it. Having 365 pictures- a picture for each day- EQUALS the title Project Life.
It all makes sense now.
Here are my pages so far.
The cover:

I'm loving these reults!! It will be even better when I get on track :) haha

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Paige said...

how freakin cute is that!!! :)