Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thrift Finds

I found this beauty at the DI last week. The make-over was already done in my head! Either a turquoise-y-sea green or a goldenish yellow. paint the nobs.. then distress it. Then accessories on top with a big mirror above. OH MY GOSH. I about died. I wanted it so bad. This is a perfect piece for an entryway. But wait, I don't have an entryway yet. Yeah. That's why I didn't buy it. That and because it was $30. yes, I know $30!!! Unbelievable I tell you. If it had been there for weeks I would have tried to bargain it (though my mom was getting ready to and I told her it was okay) I knew if I did buy it, I'd be hearin' it from the el spouso. I sadly walked away.. it was seriously hard, as you can see I HAD to take a picture of it.
*Tip.. at the DI they have the week that the item was put on the floor, ON the sticker, so you can always see if it's been there a while, and you wanna to bargain, thats a good driving point right there! (I luck out and the people there know my mom because she used to work there.)
Oh and people, if you want this.. I would hurry and go back and get it! I went there on Friday, so it's probably still there. But I'm warning you, I might be jealous a little. just a little.

But we DID find this lovely and purchase it. Isn't it a cool lamp? I'm thinkin for Arli's future room, a little reading nook. Yes it could work wonders. It is so cute. But I am still thinking of how to make it better. Possibly take out all the beeds and paint that sucker. For sure paint the chain. Don't worry, I have lots of time to think. :) Not to mention, my mom got it bargained down to 3 bucks! At first it didn't have a price so we had to ask, when the lady said 4, my mom quickly re-buttled "3 dollars and I'll buy it for sure." And so it was. It's good to have a spanish lady with an accent and strong will to bargain things with you.

I also found an adorable dress for Arli for $3 and some undeniably cute black jeans for Beck. Straight leg and all, for $2. The boy is in need! I can't believe he's been out of size 3 jeans for about 4 months now.
I found that I didn't find anything under 75 cents. Maybe I just didn't look. But man, 75 cents for a little squirt bottle?? seriously, I almost did it, but passed. Come on DI, I'm not rich here.

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