Friday, March 25, 2011

Thrift Finds-Girl Clothes Score

Yes, the DI treated me well yesterday. Crewcuts clothes for miss Arli were a huge surprise find! Crewcuts is the kids clothing line for JCrew. And come on.. you know we all love JCrew.. or you should.
Just to give you an idea of the serious deals I got- Just one little girls shirt from there starts around $30. Yeah. Oh and the cardigans.. range from $50-$60.
So you can see now why I never purchased myself, and just drooled over their magazine.
But I completely lucked out! Some lucky mama did buy crewcuts for her child. (A mama that likes lilac purple apparently) And bless that mama's heart because now I am benefiting from that. She must of had quite the wardrobe for her kids. I can only imagine. And I couldn't help but think, "Man.. I wish I could track her down and ask for her kids' hand-me-downs." But hey, I'll take the lot of cute clothes she did donate. Even if it means I probably didn't find everything she donated. Dang. If only.

And as you can see, form my other (non-crewcuts) clothing finds, the color of the day was purple at DI.

Somehow, Arli got the purple memo. I did not.

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Kelli said...

Score! I think you should give Morgan those hand me downs when Arli is finished. :) Then I'll hand them back up when M is done (for your next girl).