Friday, April 1, 2011

Outside bliss

We are all in happier moods when the days are nice.
I absolutely love sitting on the steps, watching Beck-son ride his bike. He goes up and down the sidewalk.. and I've let him venture to the neighbors mailbox and back.
He is getting so big. I find when I consciously put myself in the moment, everything is perfect. Life is perfect, my kids are perfect, everything. Though in my different set of eyes they are not, I love this outlook. And I love spending time outside just hanging out. And lately I am practicing shooting with my camera on Manual. Yes.. finally. It is a whole new photography world, that you actually have to learn and be good at, and I love it. Though the learning is still in process.
Beck had ridden his bike for so long he decided he needed a break. What a perfect photo op.. and perfect stud muffin boy!


Paige said...

Seriously, this is so stinkin cute! :)

kim said...

Oh my gosh! What a funny little guy he is! This is such a cute photo! and a great post, Michele!!!