Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Nursery

Okay, now I know its been a whole week! it just went by so fast.. add another child to my own to watch and then a couple nice days mixed in there, we've been busy.

I am working on some new crochet items to add to the shop. I need to take make more, take pictures etc. So in the meantime I want to show you this amazing baby nursery.
Remember the post with the owl plushie? I made it for this gal's sweet baby. And remember how I said I pretty much envied her house? Oh I didn't say that? I didn't go that far then but it's true. :)
And check out this nursery!!

Her name is Lindsey and has a blog and posted the whole nursery on there. With lots of before and after items in the room. My fav! The Damask and hot pink are so cute in there. And plus damask is so trendy of late. Though it's not my favorite, you cannot deny the just total cuteness of this room!
Check out the full room here.
Oh and did I mention we're related? Yeah.. she is my dad's cousin's daughter. I'm not good with titles.. but that makes her my second cousin or some sort. right?
I'll take it.