Friday, April 1, 2011

Hi, Bye Brin

This is my beautiful sister Brittawnia. or Brin.. okay really its Brittany (but who really calls her that?) She came in last night for a quick visit. And she already left this afternoon back to UOI. Quite sad actually. I tried to convince her to stay for the weekend.. but apparently something better was happening up at school.. (mmhmmm i'm sure)
We went to the park with all the kiddos again today. The weather is just amazing. We played at the park for about an hour.. and got a good little photo session in. The sun was so bright though.. not really ideal. But ideal for the sake of my tanning situation.
The kids love her. I love her. I just wish she lived here. I think my life would be a bit more upbeat with her around :) Can't wait until summer break so she can come back for a few months.
We got home and little Sage (Tuck's cousin i've been watching) went down for a nap.. like a good little girl. My kids refused, so we went out front and they rode their bikes and drew with chalk. We just sat out there for a full hour. My brother joined us and even made up some banana milkshake for Beck. We just lounged. Completely sat there for an hour in the sun. Talked about poor Sofie, and her need for a hair cut. We just laughed at her.. I mean seriously you gotta see this pup. She is one of a kind. We talked about getting our beach bodies ready haha. yes its true. Health and fitness talk is common among us. And it was joyous.
I feel so lucky to have my siblings as my best friends. I'm not sure if its normal, but it's definitely awesome! They are hilarious, so supportive, amazing aunt/uncles, and would do anything for me.
Thank goodness for amazing weather that gives us a sweet break from the slow spring coming in.

Oh and not to mention my feet love me for the wee little tan line acquired today. Though if you asked Tuck, he would stare and say "What tan line?"

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