Tuesday, April 5, 2011

T-shirt Headbands

Have lots of old T-shirts in that donate pile from spring cleaning? This is a great way to use those old shirts!
Just cut a strip to the desired width, create the flower/bow, and then sew/hot glue together. And wala!
I personally love that light blue band with the mess of ruffled-ness on top. :)
I think this style will be super cute on Miss A for spring and summer.
And this definitely doesn't have to be just for little girls, you women can rock these too!
There are so many things to make from old t-shirts. Or any old piece of clothing for that matter.
Re-fashioning and re-purpousing is among my favorite things to do. And you can tell by the large container of clothes I have waiting for me to liven them up.
Oh boy.

more hair accessories to come.. I have found my love yet again with felt!


Kelli said...

Oh please be what we are doing tomorrow...

Nancy said...

Found your blog through pinterest...great stuff! But how did you make the blue & white one. I`m trying to figure it out....

Crystal Lewis said...

Yes I would love to duplicate your flower and bow and have no idea how. Can you describe it or have a tutorial? Please :) they rock. Thank you and thanks for sharing!! So creative.

Lanay Money said...

Can you explain how you made the flower please?

Thank you