Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Best Flexing pose evaaa Beck!

I love our lazy sundays. Our church meeting isn't until 1pm. Though its rather a inconvenient time, we have a bunch of free time in the morning to just hang out.
The kids are watching Caillou (ya know, the bald annoying cartoon kid) and all is well, as long as they get along. I came upon all these pictures I haven't posted yet..
These were from a couple of weeks ago. Even before Easter. The kids just played in the backyard. Arli loved trying to catch the willow tree branches .. and everything was just blissful.
They even worked in some baseball practice with Uncle Brando. :)


Rachel Marie said...

These two are adorable! Love the flexing pose :)

Paige said...

super cute! :) your kids are seriously B-E-A-UTIFUL!